Sometimes The Simplest Things

Are The Most Beautiful.
TREZE PURPLE is founded in 2006. The brand is known for its custom-made T-shirts, uniforms and gifts. TREZE PURPLE is a cult label strives to serve its customers’ need and provides its customers great products. Hence, we have come out with different series of products to suit your needs.
TREZE PURPLE gives you quality products at a reasonable price. Nonetheless, if you are working on a tight budg
et, no worries! TREZE PURPLE Light is the choice to go. 
TREZE PURPLE is backed up by a garment manufacturer that based in Ipoh which has 20 years of history in garment industry. They are also the sub contract manufacturer for the brand such as Baleno, B.U.M, Diesel, just to name a few. Quality of the product is what we can guarantee our customers.
Other than that, TREZE PURPLE Business Printing division also offers outdoor and indoor advertising design and print including printed menu, flyer, brochures, banner, etc for 
corporate needs.
Over the years, TREZE PURPLE has expanded its business and is poised to get even bigger. We believe that each and every of our customers is unique in their own and we would be honoured to fulfil your need and preferences. Emphasising on Quality and Innovation, this is how TREZE PURPLE creates connections with each other! 
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